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“Riverview House and Lands Up for Auction: A Rare Opportunity in Limerick!” – Limerick Gazette

“Riverview House and Lands Up for Auction: A Rare Opportunity in Limerick!”

Riverview House and its sprawling lands are set to captivate potential buyers as it goes under the hammer in an upcoming auction. The esteemed auctioneer, Mr Glinscman, has been entrusted by Capt. Gerald Fitzgerald to facilitate the sale on the premises. This highly anticipated event is scheduled for Tuesday, the 20th of October, 1903, at 1 p.m.

Nestled within the enchanting countryside, Riverview House boasts a picturesque setting, with its extensive walled garden and adjoining land spanning an impressive 13 acres, 2 roods, and 31 perches (approximately). The property, with a Poor Law Valuation of £57 15s 4d (£45 15s 0d on lands and £12 0s 0d on the house and outbuildings), commands an annual rent of £60 0s 0d. It holds a historic significance, having been passed down through generations of Capt. Gerald Fitzgerald’s esteemed ancestors.

Approaching the house is a charming winding avenue, accompanied by a well-appointed lodge. Situated just half a mile from Tarbert, 3.5 miles from Glin, 10 miles from Foynes Railway Station, and 10 miles from Listowel, this residence enjoys convenient accessibility. Additionally, Tarbert Island provides daily steamer connections to Kilrush, Tarbert, and Limerick, opening up a world of possibilities for travel and exploration.

Riverview House offers breathtaking views of the majestic Shannon River, overlooking Tarbert Roads. Its location is ideal, being in close proximity to Munster’s finest Creamery and within a mile of three churches, two schools, and four public markets. The house itself features a grand entrance hall, dining and drawing rooms, a sitting room, seven bedrooms, and various other amenities befitting a gentleman’s residence. The outbuildings are substantial, catering to the needs of the property.

Spanning approximately 29 acres, the property includes a well-stocked fruit garden, with the remaining portion comprising lush pastures and scenic landscapes along the Shannon River. The abundant supply of manure from the river offers a valuable resource for maintaining the land’s fertility.

For those yearning for a residence steeped in history, untouched by modern construction, and boasting access to prime hunting grounds, Tarbert Bay awaits. Moreover, the nearby coastal areas offer excellent opportunities for sea bathing, further enhancing the appeal of this magnificent property.

Prospective buyers are invited to schedule viewings with the auctioneer to fully appreciate the allure of Riverview House and its surrounding lands. A 99-year lease will be granted, and the draft of the lease will be available for review at the auction. Interested parties can seek further information from Messrs. Kearney & Sons, Solicitors on George Street, Limerick, or directly contact Mr T.M. O’Connor, the esteemed auctioneer and valuer, situated on Tarbert Island.

As the auction date approaches, hotel proprietors and public bar owners are encouraged to explore the extensive range of glassware available at wholesale prices from John Griffin’s establishment, The Market House in Tralee. With an assortment of tumblers, goblets, and government-stamped pints, they can find suitable options to meet their establishments’ needs.

The auction of Riverview House and Lands promises a unique opportunity to own a timeless residence in Limerick, blending history, natural beauty, and remarkable potential.

Kerry News – Monday 19 October 1903