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Detective-Sergeant Byrne Foils Cattle Thieves Attempting to Flee to America |

Detective-Sergeant Byrne Foils Cattle Thieves Attempting to Flee to America

In a swift and decisive action, Detective-Sergeant Byrne of Queenstown successfully apprehended two notorious cattle thieves, Thomas Cooke and John Hennessy, just moments before they were set to board the 8.8 Teutonic bound for America. The culprits, hailing from Limerick, were promptly brought before a magistrate and subsequently remanded.

Meanwhile, another criminal, known as Boland but also operating under aliases such as Molloy and Kerwin, faced justice for his involvement in a larceny case. Constable Mullen had apprehended him in Ballinasloe on the 17th of last month. The recent Galway Winter Assizes on the 2nd of this month saw Boland indicted, and he received a six-month imprisonment sentence with hard labour.

The “Connaught Leader” commented on the case, describing Boland as a true exemplar of the hardened criminal class. His extensive rap sheet boasts approximately 20 convictions across various prisons in Limerick, Kilkenny, Galway, and Castlebar. The Ballinasloe magistrates, recognizing their limited jurisdiction, referred the case to the Judge of Assize. Boland, who typically employed intimidation tactics against witnesses, surprisingly pleaded guilty when confronted by the ermined dispenser of justice in Galway, ultimately earning him a longer sentence.

Following his latest offence, Boland shrewdly altered his appearance, including changing his clothes. However, his trade as a shoemaker left telltale signs on his hands, confirming his identity to Constable Mullen, who promptly took him into custody.

The successful arrest of Cooke and Hennessy, coupled with the sentencing of Boland, highlights the dedication and efficiency of law enforcement officers in tackling organized crime. Detective-Sergeant Byrne’s astute intervention thwarted the cattle thieves’ attempt to escape justice and demonstrates the commitment to maintaining public safety and order. As the community applauds these efforts, it is hoped that such decisive actions will deter criminals and maintain the peace in Queenstown and its surroundings.

Constabulary Gazette (Dublin) – Saturday 19 December 1903

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