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Sad News: Death of Reverend Bolton Waller Johnstone |

Sad News: Death of Reverend Bolton Waller Johnstone

It is with deep regret that we announce the passing of Reverend Bolton Waller Johnstone, M.A., which occurred at the Rectory on Sunday afternoon following a prolonged illness. Reverend Johnstone, who was in his 81st year, was the second son of the late Reverend John Beresford Johnstone, M.A., a distinguished Irish clergyman known for his eloquent and scholarly preaching. His mother, Miss Waller, was the daughter of Mr Thomas Waller of Castletown Park, County Limerick.

Reverend Johnstone received his education at Sherborne School and Trinity College, Dublin. He married Charlotte Lydia, eldest daughter of the late Captain Thomas Lewis Coker of Bicester House, Oxon, and they had one son and four daughters. Ordained as a Deacon in 1846 (York) and as a Priest in 1847 (Durham), he served as a curate in various parishes before becoming the Perpetual Curate of Smithill in 1850-1851. In 1851, he took on the role of Curate of Holy Trinity, Marylebone, and in 1854, he was presented by the Marquis of Westminster with the living of Farndon near Chester, where he served for 23 years. In 1877, he was appointed as the Rector of Maidstone, where he resided for the past 26 years.

During his tenure in Maidstone, Reverend Johnstone made significant contributions to the parish. Through his efforts, the historic Parish Church underwent a complete restoration, costing £2,000, and was adorned with a magnificent stained glass East window worth £200, commemorating the reign of the late Queen Victoria. He also oversaw the construction of the Rectory and the expansion of the Schools, including the addition of a new infants’ class-room.

While advancing age limited Reverend Johnstone’s active involvement in recent years, his genuine care and support for the community were evident. He took great interest in social functions and general festivities within the village, despite his declining health. During his illness, his son, Reverend E.A. Johnstone, faithfully carried out his ministerial duties, earning the appreciation of the parishioners.

In his younger days, Reverend Johnstone was known as an ardent fisherman and a dedicated sportsman, frequently participating in hunts in Ireland. He also authored several volumes of sermons, showcasing his intellectual contributions to the clergy.

The funeral service for Reverend Bolton Waller Johnstone was scheduled to take place yesterday, Friday afternoon, as the community gathered to bid farewell to a beloved figure who had left an indelible mark on the parish of Maidstone.

Bucks Herald – Saturday 14 November 1903

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