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St. Michael's College President Donates to Listowel College |

St. Michael’s College President Donates to Listowel College

Limerick, October 27, 1903 – The Reverend John Breen, President of St. Michael’s College in Limerick, has responded to an appeal made by John Macauley, Esq., on behalf of the College in Listowel. The Listowel College has been recognized for its valuable contributions to local education, and the potential closure of the institution due to financial constraints would be a great setback.

In a letter addressed to John Macauley, the Reverend Breen expresses his pleasure in being able to support the cause. Recognizing the importance of maintaining access to quality education in the community, he encloses a cheque for twenty-five guineas as a contribution to the Listowel College.

The generous donation from St. Michael’s College, represented by James Bannatyne and Sons, Ltd., and directed by J. E. Goodbody, will aid in ensuring the continued operation of the Listowel College. The funds provided by Reverend Breen will help meet the necessary financial requirements and prevent the potential closure of the institution.

The response from St. Michael’s College exemplifies a commitment to the advancement of education and the support of educational institutions in the region. The gesture not only demonstrates the willingness of St. Michael’s College to assist fellow educational establishments but also showcases the importance of community collabouration in promoting access to education.

The Listowel College and its supporters express their gratitude to Reverend John Breen and St. Michael’s College for their generosity. The donation will undoubtedly have a positive impact on the continued provision of education in Listowel, benefiting the community and fostering a culture of learning and growth.

The collabouration between these educational institutions serves as an inspiration for others to come together and contribute to the preservation and development of educational opportunities, ultimately enriching the lives of students and the wider community.

Kerry News – Friday 11 December 1903

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