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The Irish University Issue: Conference Formed To Seek Resolution |

The Irish University Issue: Conference Formed To Seek Resolution

In a notable development regarding the Irish University question, a conference has been established with the aim of reaching a fair and equitable settlement while also addressing sectarian tensions in Ireland. Comprising twelve members, the conference consists of an equal representation of six Catholics and six Protestants. Its terms of reference explicitly state the need to find a resolution to the Irish University issue and promote harmony among different religious communities.

The members of the conference include prominent figures from both Catholic and Protestant backgrounds. Representing the Catholic side are the Archbishop of Dublin, Dr Walsh; Archbishop Tuam, Dr Healy; the Bishop of Limerick; the Lord Mayor of Dublin, Mr T. Harrington, MP..; Sir D.B. Bellingham, Bart.; and Mr Nicolas J. Synnott, Secretary of the Catholic Laymen League Committee. On the Protestant side, notable members include Earl Dunravon, K.P.; the Right Hon. Earl of Mayo; Rev. Thomas Hamilton, D.D., President of Queen’s College, Belfast; Mr John Cooke, D.L., Trustee of College, Londonderry; Rev. Professor Dickey, D.D., Vice-President of Magee College, Londonderry; and Mr Douglas Hyde, LLD., President of the Gaelic League. The Hon. Secretary of the conference is Captain Shawe Taylor.

The Committee is scheduled to convene shortly at the Mansion House in Dublin (Image), where they will commence their discussions and deliberations. With an equal representation of both religious communities and a clear mandate to address the university question and sectarian tensions, the conference holds the potential to make significant strides towards a mutually acceptable resolution and foster greater understanding among the diverse population of Ireland.

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Saturday 12 December 1903

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