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Views of the Limerick Meeting: Rev Father Shares Insights with PP on Recent Demonstration |

Views of the Limerick Meeting: Rev Father Shares Insights with PP on Recent Demonstration

On Tuesday evening, a gathering of enthusiastic supporters of the People’s Party (PP) convened at the Temperance Rooms to hear the views of a prominent figure in the community. Reverend Father, recently returned from the Limerick demonstration, shared his thoughts on the outcome of the event, addressing various topics of importance.

One significant highlight of the meeting was the explanation provided by Mr Redmond, Chairman of the Irish Party, concerning the sale of an estate in Wexford. The crowd listened attentively as Father, well-versed in land purchase matters due to his experiences in Abbeyfeale, emphasized that if the purchase of their holdings in the parish were based on rents 25 percent below Griffith’s valuation, as was the case with the Redmond estate, their acquisition would represent a substantial period of 30 to 40 years. The audience responded with cheers, acknowledging the significance of Mr Redmond’s purchase duration.

The people of Limerick, who had witnessed Mr Redmond’s presentation firsthand, wholeheartedly accepted his explanation regarding his personal interest in the matter and the circumstances surrounding the sale of the estate. The reverberating “Hear, hear” echoed throughout the room, suggesting that this acceptance would extend to the entire nation.

Turning their attention to other potential sources of trouble within the nationalist movement, Father expressed optimism that any issues would quickly settle down. He assured the attendees that unity and harmony would prevail among the Nationalists of the country. His words alleviated any lingering apprehension and instilled a sense of calmness within the gathering.

As the meeting drew to a close, the atmosphere remained one of optimism and determination. The attendees, grateful for Father’s insightful views and Mr Redmond’s clarifications, departed with renewed vigor, ready to face future challenges united as a force to be reckoned with.

The views expressed during this gathering reflect the continued passion and commitment of the People’s Party and its supporters in their pursuit of justice and progress for Ireland.

Kerry News – Wednesday 18 November 1903

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