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Elster-Grime Opera Company Delights Limerick Audiences with Stellar Performances |

Elster-Grime Opera Company Delights Limerick Audiences with Stellar Performances

The Elster-Grime Opera Company has solidified its position as a beloved fixture in Limerick, as their performances at the Athenaeum consistently drew packed houses eager to witness their productions. However, due to overwhelming demand, the company made a triumphant move to the Theatre Royal this week. Audiences were treated to a dazzling array of operas, including “Maritana,” “The Bohemian Girl,” “Il Trovatore,” “Carmen,” “Satanella,” and the upcoming matinee performance of “The Daughter of the Regiment,” followed by the enchanting “Lily of Killarney” in the evening.

Each performance proved to be a testament to the company’s exceptional talent and dedication, garnering praise and admiration from the captivated crowds. The enthusiastic response and unwavering support from Limerick audiences have cemented the Elster-Grime Opera Company’s place as a cherished guest in the city.

To further delight their devoted fans, the company has announced a grand sacred concert to be held at the Theatre on Sunday at 8:15 p.m. This eagerly anticipated event promises an enchanting evening of sublime music and soul-stirring performances.

With their remarkable repertoire and unwavering commitment to excellence, the Elster-Grime Opera Company has undoubtedly secured a warm reception and a loyal following in Limerick. Their return visits to the city are eagerly anticipated, ensuring that the magic of opera will continue to grace the stages and captivate the hearts of the local community.

Dublin Evening Telegraph – Saturday 16 January 1904

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