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Land Purchase Negotiations Met with Rent Proceedings on Goold Estate |

Land Purchase Negotiations Met with Rent Proceedings on Goold Estate

Abbeyfeale, Thursday – Despite the adverse impact of a poor harvest, some tenants on the Goold Estate in Athea, Co. Limerick, who have been engaged in negotiations to purchase their holdings, have now found themselves facing rent proceedings. It is noteworthy that among those targeted by these actions are Mr R.J. Woulfe, D.C., and Mr J. Leahy, who served as secretaries during the tenants’ negotiations.

With the exception of five tenants, the majority are in their first term and have agreed to a purchase term of 19½ years. The initiation of these proceedings against the tenants, particularly those who have actively sought to facilitate the sale of the estate, is indicative of the landlord’s stance. It aligns with the unwavering stance of certain landlords who refuse to engage with their tenants on reasonable terms.

This new form of intimidation, targeting representatives of the tenants who are diligently working to arrange purchase agreements, serves as a potent method to discourage tenants from availing themselves of the provisions of the latest Land Act. By resorting to such actions, landlords effectively hinder the progress of land reform and undermine the spirit of cooperation between landlords and tenants.

Meanwhile, in the same district, the Massey tenants are also striving to negotiate a purchase of their holdings. Their efforts align with the broader aspirations of tenants seeking land ownership and security. The outcome of these negotiations will have significant implications for the future of land tenure and the implementation of land reform in the region.

The challenges faced by tenants in their pursuit of land purchase highlight the need for ongoing support and reforms that promote fair and equitable relationships between landlords and tenants. It is essential to foster an environment that encourages cooperation and facilitates the smooth transition of land ownership, ensuring the long-term stability and prosperity of both tenants and the agricultural community.

Kerry News – Friday 08 January 1904

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