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Land Purchase Settlement Reached for Ellis Tenants |

Land Purchase Settlement Reached for Ellis Tenants

Abbeyfeate, Tuesday – After a lengthy period of negotiations, a settlement has been reached between Father Casey, representing the tenants, and the estate agent of Mr Richard Ellis, Mr Peter Fitzgerald of Limerick, regarding certain disputed matters arising from the adaptation of the previous settlement terms to the New Land Act. The estate in question includes the renowned “Townhats.”

The tenants had sought a reduction in their purchase amount to compensate for the loss of the decadal reductions, a circumstance that was not foreseen in the original agreement. Additionally, they aimed to secure certain rights for themselves. It is pleasing to report that both of these requests have now been granted, and the final terms of the sale have been agreed upon amicably.

However, it should be noted that the landlord has decided to retain the fishing rights on the property. This aspect was not part of the concessions made to the tenants and will remain under the control of the landlord.

The settlement marks a positive outcome for the Ellis tenants, who have been able to secure the adjustments they sought, aligning the terms of their purchase with the provisions of the New Land Act. The resolution of this matter in an amicable manner demonstrates the willingness of both parties to find common ground and work towards a mutually beneficial agreement.

With the settlement now in place, the tenants can proceed with their land purchase, having resolved the issues that had previously hindered the completion of the transaction. The outcome is likely to provide a sense of stability and security for the tenants, as well as fostering a positive relationship between the landlord and the community going forward.

Kerry News – Wednesday 06 January 1904

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