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Limerick County Council Announces Motor Vehicle Registration |

Limerick County Council Announces Motor Vehicle Registration

Limerick, Ireland – The County Council of Limerick has issued an important notice to all owners of motor cars and motorcycles residing within the Administrative County of Limerick (excluding the Borough of Limerick). Effective from January 1st, 1904, it is now a legal obligation for owners to register their vehicles with the County Council as the local authority.

To complete the registration process, a fee of £1 will be charged for cars and 5 shillings for motorcycles. Additionally, a further sum of 5 shillings must be paid for a license in addition to the registration fee. Furthermore, motor vehicles must comply with Local Government Regulations, including the illumination of cycles and displaying the prescribed number.

Applications for vehicle registration and licenses should be submitted to the Secretary of the County Council, who will provide the necessary forms for completion. It is crucial for vehicle owners to adhere to these requirements to ensure compliance with the law.

This announcement emphasizes the County Council’s commitment to promoting road safety and responsible vehicle ownership within the community. By implementing a registration system, the Council aims to maintain accurate records of motor vehicles operating within their jurisdiction and enforce regulations to ensure public safety.

Limerick Echo – Tuesday 05 January 1904

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