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Passing of the Marquis of Sligo: A Gentleman of Many Facets | Limerick Gazette Archives

Passing of the Marquis of Sligo: A Gentleman of Many Facets

It is with deep regret that we report the passing of the Marquis of Sligo, which occurred on the morning of the previous day in Westport, County Mayo. The Marquis, a man of distinction, had reached the venerable age of sixty-one.

The late Marquis, who held the esteemed position as the fourth in his line, ascended to the title following the passing of his brother in a year that is not disclosed in the available information. His life’s journey encompassed a diverse array of roles and responsibilities. Notably, he embarked on a career in the Royal Navy in the year 1837, and his service continued until his retirement as a lieutenant. Subsequently, the Marquis of Sligo ventured into the realm of politics, representing the Liberal Party as a Member of Parliament for County Mayo during the period spanning from 1857 to 1868.

In matters of family, the Marquis of Sligo was united in matrimony, and his memory is cherished by his surviving brother, Lord Henry Ulick Browne.

A significant facet of the late Marquis’s life was his extensive land ownership, which spanned approximately 114,900 acres. Among these holdings, the Sligo demesne shone as a gem, standing out as one of the most picturesque country estates in all of Ireland. It is noteworthy that, for several years, the demesne has been open to tourists and the general public, offering a unique and captivating destination for visitors to County Mayo.

Intriguingly, the lineage of the Marquis of Sligo bears historical significance, with notable ancestors that include a colonel who served under James II. This distinguished forebear played a role of significance in the tumultuous events of 1691, most notably signing the capitulation of Limerick. This event marked a pivotal moment in the history of Ireland, signifying the conclusion of the Williamite War and the associated political changes of the era.

In honouring the life and legacy of the Marquis of Sligo, we recognise a man whose diverse experiences and responsibilities have left an indelible mark on his community and beyond. His contributions in the Navy, in politics, and as a steward of the land, have been a testament to his dedication to various facets of life.

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Thursday 31 December 1903