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New Enterprise for Limerick: Innovation for Horse and Cattle Owners |

New Enterprise for Limerick: Innovation for Horse and Cattle Owners

Limerick, Ireland – A new and significant venture has emerged in Limerick, drawing the attention of horse and cattle owners. Our representative recently visited the forage establishment of Mr Michael Sheehan on Henry Street to witness the installation of new machinery for the production of “chop.” This innovative industry holds great importance, considering that the supply of “chop” has primarily been sourced from Dublin.

Mr Michael Sheehan, a renowned forage merchant in the southern region of Ireland, has established extensive trade connections throughout England and Wales. His expertise in the field has led him to introduce machinery for the manufacturing of “chop.” The selection of materials used in the process has been guided by leading veterinary surgeons. “Chop” is a nutritious blend of chopped bay, crushed oats, beans, and peas, serving as a highly beneficial mixture for horses. It promises to enhance the overall condition and bone structure of horses while providing economic advantages to owners.

The newly erected machinery, skillfully crafted by J.P. Evans and Co, showcases exceptional workmanship. The hay-cutting machine, capable of chopping approximately one ton per hour, and the oats, beans, and peas crushing machine operate at similar speeds. A notable feature of the hay-cutting machine is its efficient removal of dust, ensuring that only the clean material is used for the “chop.” The other components are treated with the same level of cleanliness. The machinery, provided by Bentall, renowned specialists in the field, is powered by Crossley’s ten and a half horsepower gas engine.

This new industry will particularly benefit farmers. In recent years, the cultivation of bean crops has diminished, with Mr Sheehan having to rely on imported produce and securing only a limited supply from Mr Frost of Newmarket-on-Fergus. However, his initiative is expected to stimulate farmers to resume the cultivation of beans locally. Limerick, widely recognized as a prominent horse breeding district, will greatly appreciate this development, as it contributes to the enhancement of horseflesh. The industry also presents advantages to local veterinarians, as the new “chop” will provide greater nutritional value compared to traditional feed, reducing waste.

Mr Sheehan’s business acumen and vision highlight the potential for success in this new venture. The relocation of the hay pressing business to new premises on Dock Road further demonstrates his commitment to the growth and management of the enterprise. Mr Frederick Sheehan, Mr Sheehan’s son, provides valuable support in the day-to-day operations of the establishment.

The wider community, including horse and cattle owners, farmers, and local businesses, eagerly anticipate the success of this innovative enterprise. Mr Sheehan’s ambitious initiative is set to create a thriving market for the new “chop,” offering substantial benefits to all stakeholders involved.

Limerick Echo – Tuesday 05 January 1904

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