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Sibling Squabble Amuses Court at Limerick Quarter Sessions |

Sibling Squabble Amuses Court at Limerick Quarter Sessions

Limerick, January 12, 1904 — The Quarter Sessions, before Judge Adams, in Limerick were filled with laughter and amusement as a comical case unfolded between siblings, Jerimiah Nugent and Bridget Nugent. The Limerick Echo brings you the details of this humorous courtroom spectacle that left spectators and participants in stitches.

Jerimiah Nugent, hailing from Ballyguillane, brought a lawsuit against his sister, Bridget Nugent of Laurencetown, claiming £50 in unpaid wages for six long years of work and money advanced. In a surprising turn of events, Bridget counterclaimed for the same amount, arguing that she had provided board and lodging for Jerimiah during that time.

The courtroom erupted in laughter as the case progressed, with both plaintiff and defendant engaging in witty exchanges. Mr Kelly, representing Jerimiah Nugent, stated that his client, a night porter at Kilmallock workhouse, would diligently work on his sister’s farm each day after only three hours of sleep. Adding to the amusement, Jerimiah Nugent himself testified that he had never taken a bath in his life, drawing chuckles from the gallery.

Judge and jury were captivated by the lighthearted banter. His Lordship probed into Jerimiah’s personal life, teasing him about marriage prospects. Jerimiah, quick to respond, humorously declared his inability to support himself, let alone a wife. Even Thorny, the servant maid, became a subject of confusion and amusement, with questions about her being “thorny” or “thorney” leaving everyone in stitches.

However, in the end, the judge emphasized that such cases should be based on contractual obligations rather than mere courtesy. Consequently, the ruling favored Bridget Nugent, dismissing Jerimiah’s claim for wages and upholding Bridget’s counterclaim for board and lodging expenses.

As the courtroom erupted into laughter and applause, the judge brought the comical proceedings to a close. The Limerick Echo commends the lively spirit and wit displayed during the trial, providing a welcome respite from the usual serious nature of legal matters.

This hilarious courtroom spectacle will undoubtedly be remembered as a memorable event in the annals of the Limerick Quarter Sessions, leaving everyone with a story to tell and a smile on their faces.

Limerick Echo – Tuesday 12 January 1904

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