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The Land Question: Limerick Farmers' Club Calls For Compulsory Purchase Policy |

The Land Question: Limerick Farmers’ Club Calls For Compulsory Purchase Policy

Limerick, Ireland – The Limerick and Clare Farmers’ Club held a well-attended meeting today, where an important resolution concerning the land question was unanimously adopted. The resolution, presented by Chairman Mr John M’Inerney, J.P., highlights the challenges faced in achieving conciliation between landlords and farmers due to the excessive price demands of the former.

The resolution states that the policy of conciliation has failed to yield satisfactory results, primarily because landowners are requesting unreasonably high prices for land. In light of this, the Farmers’ Club calls upon the Directory of the United Irish League to reintroduce the old policy of compulsory purchase. The resolution further requests the Directory to pass such a resolution at their upcoming meeting.

The adoption of this resolution signals the frustration and dissatisfaction felt by farmers in the region regarding the ongoing land issue. The demand for compulsory purchase reflects a belief among club members that a more assertive approach is necessary to address the challenges faced by farmers in acquiring land at fair prices.

The United Irish League’s Directory, as a prominent representative body for farmers, holds significant influence in shaping agricultural policies and advocating for the interests of the farming community. The Farmers’ Club’s appeal to the Directory aims to garner support for the reintroduction of compulsory purchase as a means of resolving the land question.

The land question has long been a central issue in Ireland, encompassing various aspects of land ownership, tenancy, and fair distribution. Farmers often face obstacles in securing land for agricultural purposes, including exorbitant prices and limited availability. The Farmers’ Club’s resolution underscores the urgency felt by farmers in finding a viable solution to address these challenges and ensure equitable access to land resources.

As the resolution is adopted by the Farmers’ Club, it adds momentum to the ongoing discussions surrounding the land question in Limerick and Clare. The United Irish League’s upcoming meeting will provide an opportunity to deliberate on the issue and determine the direction of future policies concerning land ownership and acquisition.

The resolution passed by the Farmers’ Club serves as a strong call for action and highlights the determination of the farming community to address the land question through the reintroduction of compulsory purchase measures. The outcome of this appeal will undoubtedly shape the future course of negotiations and policies related to land distribution and access for farmers in the region.

Limerick Echo – Tuesday 05 January 1904

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