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Assortment of Food Preparation Implements and Other Products in J&G Boyds Of Limerick |

Assortment of Food Preparation Implements and Other Products in J&G Boyds Of Limerick

J&G Boyd, Ltd., a company based in Limerick, offers a diverse range of food preparing implements and various other products. Their inventory includes turnip pulpers, graters, finger piercers, cake breakers, corn crushers, as well as threshing and winnowing machines. These items cater to the needs of individuals involved in food preparation and processing.

In addition to food-related implements, J&G Boyd, Ltd. also stocks Simpson’s Hay Spice, a product designed to restore damaged hay. This offering provides a solution for hay that has been compromised in quality or nutritional value.

Another prominent product line at J&G Boyd, Ltd. is their assortment of lamps. They proudly announce the arrival of new stocks from the best makers, showcasing the latest designs in lamps. Whether for functional or decorative purposes, customers can explore a variety of options to suit their preferences.

Moreover, J&G Boyd, Ltd. serves as importers of American Royal Daylight and White Rose Petroleum Oils. These oils are suitable for household use, providing lighting solutions for various settings. Additionally, the company supplies household and toilet requisites, drugs, and patent medicines, catering to the diverse needs of their customers.

Located at 11 and 12 William Street in Limerick, J&G Boyd, Ltd. offers a wide range of products to meet the requirements of individuals and households. Customers can visit their store to explore the available options and find suitable items for their specific needs.

Limerick Echo – Tuesday 19 January 1904

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