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Barrington's Hospital Holds Adjourned Meeting |

Barrington’s Hospital Holds Adjourned Meeting

Today, the Governors of Barrington’s Hospital gathered for an adjourned meeting at the Chamber of Commerce. The main agenda included the reading of the annual report and the appointment of a management committee for the upcoming year. The meeting was adjourned to allow the Corporation to select representatives from the Borough Council for the committee. Under the chairmanship of Sir Charles Barrington, 7th Baronet, P.D.L. (Image), and with the presence of notable governors such as Rev. Denis Shanahan and James E. Goodbody, the meeting commenced.

The minutes of the previous meeting were read by the Registrar, Mr R.R. Parsons, and approved. Sir Charles Barrington, as one of the new secretaries, presented the annual report for the past year, expressing satisfaction with the institution’s continued efficiency and usefulness. The report highlighted that 506 internal patients and 3,494 external patients, including 446 dental cases, were treated during the year. The fever ward remained occupied, with an average of 33 beds in use. The dedicated staff demonstrated diligence, unity, and competence, ensuring a clean and sanitary environment. Numerous repairs and improvements were carried out within the limitations of the available resources.

The report also acknowledged the significant increase in subscriptions from the employees of city firms, reflecting the commendable efforts of the people of Limerick. The committee expressed gratitude to all supporters, including Sir Thomas and Lady Cleeve, Countess of Limerick, Mrs. Shaw, Mrs. C.H. Fitt, and other contributors who organized fundraising events. They also extended their thanks to the medical, surgical, and dental staff, as well as the local press, for their continuous support.

The committee highlighted the financial position of the hospital, emphasizing the need to clear the outstanding balance of £1,796 17s 9d owed to the bank. To address this, a large fete was planned for the summer of 1905. The committee urged all subscribers and friends to actively seek new supporters to ensure the institution’s valuable work would not be hindered due to insufficient funds.

Mr Barrington moved for the adoption of the report, which was unanimously supported by Rev. D. Shanahan. The Chairman commended the report’s quality and declared the resolution unanimously adopted.

During the meeting, Mr Goodbody inquired about the increase in annual subscriptions and whether all promised payments were received. Mr Parsons confirmed that nearly all subscriptions had been collected, with an increase in contributions. Mr Goodbody suggested making personal requests for subscriptions to further enhance revenue, and Mr Parsons agreed to ensure this was carried out.

Alderman O’Brien proposed a resolution of condolence for Alderman M’Neice on the passing of his wife, which was unanimously supported. Mr Goodbody proposed a similar vote for Mr Archibald Murray, expressing sympathy for the loss of his mother. The Chairman acknowledged the unanimous support for both resolutions, emphasizing the significance of such condolences in times of grief.

The meeting proceeded with a ballot for the election of the hospital’s Committee of Management, with Rev. D. Shanahan and Mr A. Eukins appointed as secretaries. The results of the ballot were announced, with the chosen members being Archibald Murray, J.E. Goodbody, Dr Holmes, J.B. Barrington, G.M. Kennedy, Dr Dew Fogerty, Rev. D. Shanahan, A.W. Shaw, Alderman M’Neice, the Mayor, Alderman O’Brien, Sir Thomas H. Cleeve, and David Tidmarsh.

Sir Charles B. Barrington expressed gratitude to the Mayor for presiding over the meeting, highlighting his ongoing support for the hospital.

Limerick Echo – Tuesday 02 February 1904

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