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Councillor Donnelly Re-elected Mayor of Limerick; James Flynn Selected for Shrievalty |

Councillor Donnelly Re-elected Mayor of Limerick; James Flynn Selected for Shrievalty

In a recent election, Councillor Donnelly emerged victorious and was re-elected as the Mayor of Limerick with a comfortable majority. The final vote count stood at twenty-one votes in favor of Councillor Donnelly, while Councillor Michael Prendergast received eleven votes. This outcome solidifies Councillor Donnelly’s position as the city’s leader and representative.

Additionally, Mr James Flynn received unanimous support and was selected as the top candidate for the office of shrievalty. This prestigious position holds significant responsibility within the city administration. The unanimous endorsement of Mr Flynn reflects the confidence and trust placed in his capabilities by the council members.

During the proceedings, Alderman Joyce, who is also a Member of Parliament, raised an important concern. He cautioned the Corporation about the potential for outside influence in appointing someone other than the chosen candidate for the shrievalty position. It was revealed that there had been discussions or movements towards such a nomination by the Lord Lieutenant. Alderman O’Brien and Councillor Joseph Ryan were also included in the list of candidates for the shrievalty.

Alderman Joyce’s remarks highlight the need for the Corporation to remain vigilant and protect its autonomy in the appointment process. The Corporation should ensure that any external interference does not undermine the council’s ability to select the most suitable candidate for the role. By being aware of these potential challenges, the Corporation can safeguard its decision-making authority and uphold the integrity of the appointment process.

The re-election of Mayor Donnelly and the unanimous selection of James Flynn for the shrievalty position signify the council’s commitment to effective governance and representation in Limerick. These appointments reflect the trust placed in these individuals by their fellow council members and the recognition of their dedication to serving the community.

As Mayor, Councillor Donnelly will continue to lead the city and address the needs and concerns of its residents. James Flynn, in his new role as a shrievalty candidate, will play a crucial part in the city’s administration and contribute to its overall governance and development.

The elected officials, along with the Corporation as a whole, have a responsibility to work collabouratively for the betterment of Limerick and its residents. Their commitment to public service and the welfare of the community will be instrumental in shaping the city’s future and ensuring its continued progress.

Dublin Evening Telegraph – Saturday 23 January 1904

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