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"Gerald Griffin Memorial Committee Appeals for Funds to Honor Celebrated Irish Author" |

“Gerald Griffin Memorial Committee Appeals for Funds to Honor Celebrated Irish Author”

At a recent meeting of the Gerald Griffin Memorial Committee in Limerick, chaired by the Mayor, it was decided to issue an appeal for funds to erect a memorial in honourof Gerald Griffin, a renowned Irish poet, novelist, and dramatist. The committee proposes building Memorial Schools in his native parish of St. Mary’s, along with a statue of Griffin placed in a niche facing the city’s ancient Cathedral.

The chosen site for the schools holds historical significance as it is the location of the old Courthouse, where the memorable trial mentioned in Griffin’s novel “The Collegians, or the Bride of Garryowen” took place over eighty years ago. Griffin, who attended the trial as a young journalist, reported on the case for a local newspaper. The committee believes this site is fitting for his memorial, particularly considering that the reconstructed building will continue to serve as schools by the Christian Brothers, an order Griffin greatly respected.

The committee estimates that approximately £2,000 will be needed to construct the Memorial Schools, with the Christian Brothers offering a loan equal to double the amount contributed by the public. This support would enable the committee to build schools capable of accommodating around 300 children, designed according to modern standards and ideas. The committee expresses confidence in the spirit and patriotism of Irishmen and Irishwomen, especially those associated with the Christian Brothers, to contribute towards their noble objective.

The appeal emphasizes the significant literary contributions of Gerald Griffin, whose works, including his heartfelt songs and vivid tales depicting Irish life, have brought joy to countless individuals. It is seen as a reproach that Limerick, his birthplace, lacks even a tablet to commemorate his memory, whereas other cities like Cork have already honoured him with impressive Memorial Schools. The committee hopes that the upcoming centenary celebration of Griffin’s birth will serve as an opportunity to rectify this oversight and seeks the generous support of fellow countrymen and women to ensure a memorial befitting his legacy.

Signed on behalf of the Gerald Griffin Centenary Commemoration Committee,
M. Davenport, Mayor, Chairman
T. Lee, Hon Treasurer
M. Joyce, P. Ald., W. M. Nolan, J. Grower, MacDonough, Hon Secretaries
Limerick, January 1904


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