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Limerick District Lunatic Asylum Calls for Tenders for Supplies |

Limerick District Lunatic Asylum Calls for Tenders for Supplies

The Committee of Management of the Limerick District Lunatic Asylum has announced their intention to accept tenders for the supply of various articles to the institution for a period of twelve months, from April 1st, 1904, to March 31st, 1905. The tender submissions should adhere to standard samples and specifications, with a preference for Irish-manufactured products where feasible.

The list of items to be supplied includes groceries such as arrowroot, coffee, cocoa, rice, chicory, pepper, mustard, sugar, herrings, salt, vinegar, and condensed milk. Tobacco is also required, with a preference for the best Irish-manufactured tobacco and snuff. Other items encompass laundry materials, cleaning supplies, clothing for male and female attendants, footwear, hardware, paints, oils, cements, glass, stationery, printing, advertising, and funeral requisites like coffins.

It is important to note that no empty containers, except for cement sacks and five-gallon tins, will be returned. The tender forms can be obtained from the Storekeeper’s office until 5 pm on February 9th. Only completed printed tender forms will be accepted, and no tenders will be issued on board days. All tenders must be properly endorsed, addressed to the Resident Medical Superintendent, and submitted to the tender-box at the Asylum Boardroom no later than 10:30 am on Wednesday, February 10th, 1904.

Contractors selected for the supply contracts will be required to execute a bond at their own expense. Additionally, they must visit the Clerk’s Office within ten days of tender acceptance to sign the necessary documents. The committee clarifies that they are not obligated to accept the lowest or any tender received, reserving the right to make their selection based on their discretion.

This call for tenders presents an opportunity for suppliers to provide essential goods to the Limerick District Lunatic Asylum while adhering to the specified requirements. The committee’s decision will impact the asylum’s operations and the welfare of its residents in the upcoming year.

Limerick Echo – Tuesday 02 February 1904

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