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Limerick Man In Suspected Cattle Theft Case in Clare |

Limerick Man In Suspected Cattle Theft Case in Clare

A case of alleged cattle theft in Clare has captured the attention of local authorities, who have been diligently investigating the matter. The incident stems from the disappearance of three valuable cattle from the lands owned by Mr Thomas O’Rourke in Broadford on January 28th. Recent developments have shed light on the whereabouts of the stolen animals, as it was discovered that three cattle matching their description were sold at the Munster Fair in Limerick last Thursday.

Prompted by these significant findings, law enforcement has taken swift action. John Carmody, a labourer residing on Ashbourne Avenue in Limerick, was apprehended in Dublin and subsequently presented before a magistrate in Limerick yesterday. The arrest of Carmody was made possible by the information provided by Sergeant Rice of the Ulon Police, who swore an affidavit detailing the case. Following his court appearance, Carmody has been remanded in custody for a period of eight days, allowing for further investigation into the alleged cattle theft.

The authorities involved remain committed to uncovering the truth and ensuring that justice is served in this troubling incident. The ongoing efforts reflect their dedication to safeguarding the interests of livestock owners and upholding the rule of law in the community. As the investigation progresses, the residents of Clare eagerly await further developments in this cattle theft case.

Dublin Evening Telegraph – Thursday 04 February 1904

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