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Alleged Smallpox On Board Ship Near Limerick |

Alleged Smallpox On Board Ship Near Limerick

Limerick witnessed an incident of great excitement involving the steamship Marchioness, which was returning to Whitehaven after unloading a coal cargo. The ship had taken on a new crew member in Glasgow, but upon reaching Whitehaven, he began showing symptoms that raised concerns. Consequently, he was detained, and the local medical officer determined it to be a case of smallpox. As a result, the necessary measures were implemented on board the ship to ensure disinfection and safety.

Upon arrival in Limerick, Dr McGrath, the Medical Officer of Health, inspected the crew and found them to be in good health. However, he administered revaccination to those who hadn’t been vaccinated in the past six years and prohibited any crew members from going ashore. One of the firemen, who had slept in the adjacent bunk to the affected crew member, became anxious and feared that he might be experiencing the early signs of the disease or be susceptible to it if he remained on board. Despite being persuaded by the police to return to the ship on two occasions, just before the vessel’s departure, he jumped into the water. Fortunately, he was rescued by a passing boat and taken back to Whitehaven.

Dublin Evening Telegraph – Saturday 27 February 1904

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