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Land and Labour Cappamore Branch Advocates for Labourer's Rights and Representation |

Land and Labour Cappamore Branch Advocates for Labourer’s Rights and Representation

In a recent meeting held by the Land and Labour Cappamore Branch, chaired by Vice Chairman John Reddan, several committee members gathered to discuss pressing issues affecting the labourers in the area. The meeting was attended by prominent individuals such as W. O’Brien, John Coleman, Thomas Spellicy, W. Fitzgerald, W. Cahill, Garret Hayes, James Cahill, G. Fitzgibbon, M. Ruth, M. Mulcahy, W. Fleming, M. Ryan, James Ryan, and R. O’Kennedy.

During the meeting, several resolutions were proposed and adopted, reflecting the concerns and aspirations of the labourers in the region. The first resolution, put forth by John Reddan and seconded by W. Cahill, expressed strong condemnation for the current state of direct labour in the division. The labourers emphasized that direct labour was hard-won through the efforts and sacrifices of the labouring class, led by their esteemed leader, Lord Ewly. However, they lamented that the benefits of direct labour were being undermined by the indifference of officials and the opponents of direct labour, who sought to exploit and subjugate the labouring population. They urged all true Irishmen to fight for justice and ensure that the rights of the remaining labourers in the country were protected, thus preventing their migration to foreign lands. Furthermore, they called upon the Limerick District Council to leave no stone unturned in implementing the eight-hour work scheme and securing land for the upcoming spring season.

The second resolution, proposed by R. O’Kennedy and seconded by W. Fitzgerald, welcomed the promised Labourers Bill that was to be presented during the session of Parliament. The labourers expressed their hope that Mr John E. Redmond would rally his colleagues in the House of Commons to support the bill and make it effective in improving the conditions of labourers and artisans throughout Ireland. They emphasized the importance of keeping the impoverished people in their homeland, allowing them to live and die in the land of their birth.

The third resolution, put forth by John Coleman and seconded by William O’Brien, criticised the actions of a quarryman currently working in Quarryman Reddan’s position. Details regarding the specific concerns or grievances were not provided, but it highlighted the discontent among the labourers regarding certain practices or conduct related to the quarry industry.

Lastly, Garret Hayes proposed, and James Ryan seconded, a resolution asserting the labourers’ right to fair representation in public bodies. The resolution stated that if public figures showed opposition to the labourers’ just interests, it would be the duty of the labourers to field candidates in the next election who could be trusted to protect their rights and advocate for their welfare.

The Land and Labour Cappamore Branch’s meeting underscored the urgent need to address the concerns of the labouring class, highlighting their determination to fight for their rights, fair representation, and improved living conditions.

Limerick Echo – Tuesday 09 February 1904

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