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St. John's Hospital Holds Monthly Committee Meeting to Discuss Supplies and Irish Goods |

St. John’s Hospital Holds Monthly Committee Meeting to Discuss Supplies and Irish Goods

Limerick, Ireland – The monthly committee meeting of St. John’s Hospital took place at the Chamber of Commerce, with Very Reverend T. O’Shanahan presiding over the session. The committee gathered to discuss various matters, including the declaration of contracts for essential supplies and a delegation’s request regarding the procurement of Irish goods.

Contracts were announced during the meeting, with Mr John O’Malley securing the contracts for beef, mutton, and bacon. The responsibility for tea and wine was awarded to Mr Barry, while Mr Patrick O’Malley secured contracts for sugars, soda water, and whiskey. Other contracts were assigned to Mr John Kivelthan for soaps and jam, Mr C. Hartigan for the invalid stout, and Messrs Harris and Son for bread.

Additionally, a delegation from the Limerick Industrial Association attended the meeting and appealed to the committee to prioritize the acquisition of Irish goods whenever possible, even if goods of equal quality from English manufacturers were available. The delegation emphasized the importance of supporting local industries and promoting Irish products.

In response, the committee assured the delegation that their request would be taken into consideration. They agreed to conduct a thorough evaluation and provide a detailed report on the feasibility and potential impact of prioritizing Irish goods in the hospital’s procurement process.

The committee meeting concluded with discussions on various administrative matters and an overview of the hospital’s current operations, as outlined in the presented report.

Limerick Echo – Tuesday 16 February 1904

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