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"Time-Honored Tradition: Mayor of Limerick Receives Quarter Ton of Coal for Charitable Distribution" |

“Time-Honored Tradition: Mayor of Limerick Receives Quarter Ton of Coal for Charitable Distribution”

An intriguing privilege attached to the office of the Mayor of Limerick has been the subject of recent attention. Dating back centuries, the Mayor has traditionally claimed the right to a quarter of a ton of coal from every cargo imported into the town. However, in a recent development, coal merchants contested this tribute, leading to a test case presented at the local Quarter Sessions. Ultimately, the magistrates ruled in favour of the Mayor, upholding this long-standing tradition.

As a result, the Mayor receives an annual allocation of over 100 tons of coal through this arrangement. Rather than utilizing it for personal gain, the Mayor selflessly distributes the coal among the less fortunate residents of the town. Remarkably, there is no legal obligation for the Mayor to use the coal solely for charitable purposes, yet they choose to contribute to the welfare of the community.

This unique privilege not only highlights the historical customs and responsibilities associated with the position of Mayor but also demonstrates a longstanding commitment to assisting those in need. By providing coal to the underprivileged, the Mayor of Limerick continues to uphold this tradition of philanthropy, ensuring that the warmth and comfort of the community are prioritized and maintained.

Loftus Advertiser – Friday 19 February 1904

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