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Abbeyfeale Stabbing Case at Limerick Assizes: Accused Fails to Appear, Chief Baron Commends Kerry Doctor's Expertise |

Abbeyfeale Stabbing Case at Limerick Assizes: Accused Fails to Appear, Chief Baron Commends Kerry Doctor’s Expertise

The Limerick Assizes witnessed a significant development in the Abbeyfeale stabbing case as William Scorie, the accused, failed to appear in court. Previously released on bail, Scorie’s absence led to the forfeiture of his recognizances. Chief Baron Pallesto delivered a complimentary reference to a Kerry doctor during the proceedings.

Represented by E.J. Inigo, instructed by C. Meredith, solicitor, the defence team of R.B. K.C. and W.J. Murphy, Scorie’s nonappearance left his legal counsel in a difficult position. Meanwhile, W. Leshy, C.S., prosecuted the case on behalf of the state.

According to the evidence presented, the incident unfolded when the prosecutor, accompanied by his sister-in-law and two friends, was returning from the Abbeyfeale races. It was at this time that they were confronted by the accused. A scuffle ensued, resulting in Hartnett, the victim, being struck in the stomach with a knife. The attack caused a severe wound, with his intestines protruding. As a result of his injuries, Hartnett was unable to work for nearly two months.

Dr Rice from Castleisland, who attended to the injured man, provided testimony regarding the nature of the injuries sustained. Chief Baron Pallesto expressed admiration for Dr Rice’s skilful treatment, crediting his expertise with saving the patient’s life. In fact, the Chief Baron compared Dr Rice’s competence to that of a London surgeon, commending his efforts.

After the conclusion of the evidence, the jury deliberated but failed to reach a verdict, resulting in their discharge. The foreman indicated that eleven jurors were in favour of acquitting the accused, reflecting the divided opinions within the jury.

The Abbeyfeale stabbing case continues to unfold, with the absence of the accused adding a new twist to the proceedings. The legal teams will need to navigate this development as they seek justice for the victim and ensure a fair and thorough resolution to the case.

Kerry News – Monday 14 March 1904

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