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Bishop of Limerick Expresses Concern Over Lack of Recruits and Unequal Treatment |

Bishop of Limerick Expresses Concern Over Lack of Recruits and Unequal Treatment

Limerick – The Most Reverend Dr O’Dwyer, Bishop of Limerick, has raised serious concerns regarding the allocation of the Irish Development Grant, specifically addressing the issue of funding for Irish colleges. In a notable circular, the Bishop highlights the challenges faced in securing fair financial treatment for Ireland and calls attention to the dearth of recruits for the British Army.

In his letter, the Bishop reveals his ongoing correspondence with various government officials, lamenting the consistent lack of sympathetic response displayed by English authorities towards Ireland’s legitimate financial demands. Despite persistent efforts, every plea for equality and fair treatment seems to be met with indifference.

Regarding the establishment of colleges for teachers, the Bishop notes that the Catholic community has been excluded from receiving equal treatment in this regard. He cites the settlement of 1800 as the basis for this exclusion, emphasizing the need to rectify the imbalance. However, he expresses concerns that the proposed changes may disturb the existing arrangement.

The circular highlights one reason given for denying equal treatment to Catholic colleges – their religious affiliation. The Bishop criticizes the notion that religion should play a role in limiting opportunities in Ireland. He emphasizes that no one should impose restrictions based on religion, even indirectly, in the country.

Furthermore, the circular acknowledges that many Catholic men who have completed their service in the army face difficulties in finding employment due to their religious background. Despite the presence of unemployed ex-soldiers, the current system seems to overlook their potential contribution.

The circular, signed by Major Luard, a Recruiting Staff Officer for Dublin, indicates that efforts to recruit men from the Catholic community into the army are falling short. The document also raises concerns about the underfunding of the three Catholic Training Colleges in Waterford, Limerick, and Bosllut, compared to the Marlborough Street Training College.

In conclusion, the Bishop expresses his apprehension about the unequal treatment Ireland faces, particularly in matters involving religion. He urges a fair and just approach that upholds equality and addresses the pressing issues faced by the Catholic community in education and employment.

The circular from the Bishop of Limerick, Dr O’Dwyer, highlights the need for equitable treatment and equal opportunities in Ireland, challenging the prevailing disparities and calling for meaningful change.

Dublin Evening Telegraph – Monday 14 March 1904

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