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Very Rev Dr O'Riordan Delivers Compelling Lecture at Catholic Literary Institute |

Very Rev Dr O’Riordan Delivers Compelling Lecture at Catholic Literary Institute

Limerick, Ireland – The Limerick Catholic Literary Institute was abuzz with intellectual discourse on Friday night as the Very Rev Dr O’Riordan, President of the institute, delivered a captivating lecture to the members and their guests. The topic of the evening was “A talk about Sir Horace Plunkett’s book, Ireland in the Twentieth Century,” and it was presented in a manner that kept the audience engaged throughout.

Dr O’Riordan began by disclaiming any political or theological intentions in his analysis of Sir Horace Plunkett’s work. He acknowledged the authority and honesty of purpose in Plunkett’s book, which aimed to promote Ireland’s material progress. The lecturer then delved into the examination of some of the views expressed in the book.

One of the key points highlighted by Dr O’Riordan was that Irishmen possessed administrative capacity and were not lacking in the ability to govern themselves. He emphasized that Home Rule, in itself, would not be a panacea for Ireland unless the people embraced it and took appropriate measures to shape their own destiny. Dr O’Riordan stated that Ireland would not be granted Home Rule by England based on international honesty but rather as a result of political expediency.

To support the argument of Irish administrative capacity, Dr O’Riordan referenced Lord Dunraven, who proclaimed that members of the Limerick County Council demonstrated a greater grasp of public affairs than their counterparts in the London County Council, of which Lord Dunraven himself was a member.

The lecture then addressed various factors influencing Ireland’s condition, such as the perceived dullness prevailing in the country, the influence of the clergy on the Irish people, the economic sense and appreciation of Ireland’s material interests, and the direction of energy towards temporal rather than spiritual pursuits. Dr O’Riordan drew on Sir Horace Plunkett’s book to illustrate the fallacies of certain stock arguments and assertions made by those who consider themselves superior in assessing Ireland’s condition over the past half-century.

Despite England’s efforts to Anglicize the Irish, Dr O’Riordan pointed out that progress was still evident with each passing epoch. He emphasized that true education and cooperation, rather than coercion, would eventually lead Ireland on the path to prosperity.

At the conclusion of the lecture, Mr Hastings, a solicitor, proposed a vote of thanks to Dr O’Riordan and the Mayor, who presided over the event. The motion received a cordial response, acknowledging the insightful discourse provided by the Very Rev Dr O’Riordan and the overall success of the evening at the Catholic Literary Institute.

Limerick Echo – Tuesday 08 March 1904

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