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An Appreciation Event: Farewell To Mr Joseph O'Mara |

An Appreciation Event: Farewell To Mr Joseph O’Mara

On Friday night, a notable event took place at Messrs O’Mara’s bacon factory to bid farewell to Mr Joseph O’Mara, who was embarking on a new role as the manager of a recently acquired bacon factory in Canada. The occasion was marked by a presentation ceremony, where Mr O’Mara received an illuminated address, a valuable gold watch, and a chain. The gathering included the office staff, factory workers, as well as notable attendees such as Messrs Stephen O’Mara, John O’Mara, R. Ray, and L. Ray. Mr W. Riordan presided over the event, and in his opening remarks, he spoke highly of Mr Joseph O’Mara, highlighting his commendable qualities.

A heartfelt address, prepared by Mr Arthur McNeice, was read, representing the collective sentiments of the office staff and factory workers. The address expressed both pleasure and regret, conveying joy for Mr O’Mara’s opportunity to expand and develop the business that held a deep significance for everyone present, and sorrow for the loss of a manager who had earned their affectionate regard through his kind consideration and indulgence. The address also emphasized the expectation that Mr O’Mara would uphold the high standards set by his esteemed grandfather and respected father, ensuring the continued success and growth of the firm.

The address was signed by 73 members of the staff, and Mr Gavin, speaking on behalf of the factory workers, warmly endorsed its sentiments, emphasizing the positive and harmonious relationship they had always enjoyed with Mr Joseph O’Mara. Mr Riordan then proceeded to make the presentation, delivering it with well-chosen words. In response, Mr Joseph O’Mara expressed deep gratitude for the kindness and generous gesture, assuring everyone that he would cherish the memories and pleasant associations with his colleagues. He spoke of the close bond he felt with those he had worked alongside for many years, considering them not just colleagues but friends. Mr O’Mara also mentioned his commitment to making the work environment as comfortable as possible for the employees, offering support whenever needed. He thanked them sincerely for their kindness throughout his tenure and assured them that their happy associations would forever hold a special place in his heart.

Following Mr O’Mara’s speech, Mr McNeice proposed a vote of thanks to Mr Riordan for presiding over the event, which was seconded by Mr Stephen O’Mara. Mr Stephen O’Mara expressed his pleasure in endorsing the vote of thanks, seizing the opportunity to appreciate the spontaneous act of kindness shown to his son. He expressed his delight in witnessing the continuation of the harmonious relationship that had always existed between his late father and the employees, which, he was glad to say, extended to his own interactions with them. Mr O’Mara expressed his hope that this positive dynamic would persist for as long as the firm of O’Mara existed, further cementing the bond between the company and its employees.

Limerick Echo – Tuesday 29 March 1904

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