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"Limerick County Council Urges National Board of Education to Withdraw Controversial Circular on Irish Language Teaching" |

“Limerick County Council Urges National Board of Education to Withdraw Controversial Circular on Irish Language Teaching”

At the recent meeting of the Limerick County Council, an important resolution was put forth by Mr John Coleman and seconded by Mr John Bourke. The resolution, which received unanimous support from the council members, called upon the so-called National Board of Education to retract a controversial circular regarding the teaching of the Irish language in National schools.

The council members expressed their strong belief that if the circular is not withdrawn, it would have detrimental consequences, depriving a significant majority of the children attending these schools from learning their native language. The resolution emphasized the importance of preserving and promoting the Irish language as an integral part of the county’s cultural heritage.

The circular in question has raised concerns among the council members and the wider community, as it is perceived as a potential threat to the Irish language’s vitality and future. They argue that by restricting the teaching of Irish in schools, undermines the language’s significance and denies young learners the opportunity to connect with their linguistic roots.

The Limerick County Council’s resolution reflects the growing sentiment among local communities who value and cherish the Irish language as a crucial element of their identity. It highlights their commitment to safeguarding the linguistic heritage of the region and ensuring its transmission to future generations.

In addition to calling for the withdrawal of the circular, the council members have pledged to engage in advocacy efforts to raise awareness about the importance of Irish language education and the need for its continued support. They aim to collabourate with educational authorities and community organizations to develop strategies that promote Irish language learning and encourage its usage in various aspects of public life.

The resolution serves as a rallying cry for the preservation of the Irish language, not just within the confines of Limerick County but also across the nation. It sends a clear message to the National Board of Education and policymakers that the community stands united in its determination to protect and promote the Irish language’s rightful place in the education system and wider society.

As the campaign gains momentum, it remains to be seen how the National Board of Education will respond to the Limerick County Council’s resolution and the growing concerns regarding the teaching of Irish in National schools. The outcome of this debate will undoubtedly have far-reaching implications for the future of the Irish language and its vital role in Ireland’s cultural fabric.

Dublin Evening Telegraph – Tuesday 22 March 1904

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