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Meeting Held to Address the Issue of Evicted Tenants |

Meeting Held to Address the Issue of Evicted Tenants

A meeting of the Evicted Tenants Association was held on Saturday evening at the Town Hall, chaired by the Mayor. The meeting saw a large turnout, including notable individuals such as J.H. Danaher, J. Tevers, R. Colly, Chairman of the County Council, and others. The Mayor expressed gratitude for being invited to preside over the meeting and expressed his support for its objective.

He emphasized that no Land Bill could be deemed satisfactory, and the land question in Ireland could never be adequately resolved until the issue of evicted tenants was addressed. He commended the organization of a forward movement and wished them success, acknowledging the country’s indebtedness to the evicted tenants.

Mr John F. Moloney, the honourary secretary, shared a response from the secretary of the Estate Commissioners, Mr E. Farrell, which stated that the Commissioners had no power to provide advances to evicted tenants unless the respective estates were sold by the landlords. The letter also mentioned that if the evicted tenants were aware of any sales of estates containing evicted or unoccupied lands, they should inform the Estate Commissioners.

Mr Moloney emphasized the need for recognition and hoped that the Minister would support their cause. He highlighted the slow nature of the legal system, where a tenant could be evicted by a registered letter, yet it took years to reinstate them. He concluded by proposing a series of resolutions, including the representation of evicted tenants at the upcoming Land Conference, the publication of a list of such tenants in East Limerick, the initiation of a campaign if landlords failed to reach an agreement, the scheduling of the first meeting at Pallas, and seeking the support of the Irish Party for the cause of evicted tenants.

Mr Tevers seconded the resolutions, which were unanimously agreed upon. Additional resolutions were passed in support of establishing a fund and bringing the case of evicted tenants to the attention of the bishops and clergy. The meeting concluded with a vote of thanks to the Mayor.

Limerick Echo – Tuesday 22 March 1904

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