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Mission in St. Munchin's Parish |

Mission in St. Munchin’s Parish

On Sunday, two Vincentian Fathers, Very Reverend Father O’Callaghan and Reverend Father D’Arcy, from Cork, were invited by the Vicar, Very Reverend T.R. Shanahan, to open a Mission at St. Munchin’s Parish Church. The proceedings were deeply devotional, and a large congregation attended both the morning and evening services. Very Reverend Father O’Callaghan delivered the opening sermon, while Father D’Arcy preached during the evening devotions.

The Mission is scheduled to last for two weeks, and it is anticipated that the diligent efforts of the clergy will yield fruitful results in the parish. Another member of the Vincentian Order is expected to join them next week. St. Munchin’s Church holds significance as the titular Church of the historic Diocese of Limerick. Although the ancient structure stands on the Limerick or city side of the Shannon River, it is noteworthy to mention the connection between the ongoing Mission and the past. During the challenging days of the Siege of Limerick, when the citizens faced hardships due to Ireton’s siege and the subsequent violence after the city’s surrender, the Vincentian Fathers, following the guidance of their illustrious founder, St. Vincent, came to Limerick to conduct a significant spiritual Mission. Today, their successors continue this tradition.

Limerick Echo – Tuesday 15 March 1904

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