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Croom District Council Approves Change in Treasurership and Appoints Delegates for Irish Events |

Croom District Council Approves Change in Treasurership and Appoints Delegates for Irish Events

In a recent meeting of the Croom District Council, chaired by Mr John Coleman, several matters of importance were discussed and decisions were made. The meeting was attended by various council members, including Messes J. O’Keeffe, Edmond Connolly, J. Conway, Denis Lyons, M. O’T Hartigan, J. Noonan, J. Butler, E. Morrisson, M. Field, D. Ryan, Patrick O’Brien, M. O’Brien, J. Lynch, T. Naughton, James Liston, James Mulqueen, Thomas McCarthy, James Power, H. Costelloe, James Costelloe, J. Lane of Castleroberts, James Hickey, J. Bennett, J. J. Quaine, J. Lynch, and Colonel Finch, J.P.

One of the key topics discussed was the change of treasurership from the National Bank in Rathkeale to the Munster and Leinster Bank in Croom. Mr Lyons proposed a vote of thanks to the sub-committee members who reported on this change, and the Chairman, Mr Coleman, expressed his satisfaction with the decision. He cited past issues with the National Bank, implying that the new arrangement would likely be more favourable for the council.

During the meeting, Mr Hickey commended Chairman Coleman and Co-Councillor Bourke for their efforts in controlling taxation and preventing salary increases. However, a discussion arose concerning Mr Coleman’s alleged vote for a salary increase, to which he firmly denied any involvement. Despite the debate, the resolution passed unanimously.

In addition to these matters, the council deliberated on invitations to attend two important events: an exhibition of Irish arts and crafts in Dublin and the National Convention organized by the United Irish League. The council appointed Messrs Coleman and O’Keeffe as delegates for the exhibition and Messrs Hickey and McCarthy for the National Convention.

Furthermore, a circular advocating for the national exhibition was read during the meeting, with all members marking it as “read,” except for Mr O’T Hartigan, who expressed dissent. It is unclear what objections he had regarding the exhibition.

The Croom District Council meeting concluded with important decisions made, including the approval of the change in treasurership and the appointment of delegates for upcoming events. The council members remain committed to addressing the needs of their district and working towards the betterment of their community.

Limerick Echo – Tuesday 05 April 1904

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