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Garrison Inspection: Duke Of Connaught Reviews Troops In Limerick |

Garrison Inspection: Duke Of Connaught Reviews Troops In Limerick

Limerick – Today, the Duke of Connaught, arrived in Limerick following his visit to Adare. His Grace undertook a comprehensive inspection of the troops stationed at the Military and Ordnance Barracks.

The Duke of Connaught, who holds a distinguished military background, personally reviewed the forces stationed at the barracks. The inspection included an assessment of the troops’ readiness, discipline, and overall preparedness. As a highly respected member of the royal family, the Duke’s visit serves to reinforce the importance of maintaining a strong and well-equipped military presence in the region.

The troops, proud and eager, were honoured to have the opportunity to showcase their professionalism and dedication to their esteemed guest. The inspection provided an occasion for the Duke of Connaught to acknowledge the efforts and commitment of the men and women serving in Limerick, recognizing their vital role in upholding the security and stability of the area.

Following the inspection, the Duke of Connaught expressed his satisfaction with the troops’ performance and praised their discipline and devotion to duty. His Grace’s visit serves as a testament to the ongoing commitment of the military to maintain a robust and vigilant presence in Limerick.

The troops, inspired by the Duke’s visit, will continue to uphold their duties and responsibilities, ensuring the safety and well-being of the local community.

Limerick Echo – Tuesday 05 April 1904

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