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Hostility towards Jews in Limerick Addressed by Chief Secretary for Ireland |

Hostility towards Jews in Limerick Addressed by Chief Secretary for Ireland

During a parliamentary exchange, Mr Sloan, the Member of Parliament for Belfast South, raised the issue of hostility towards individuals of the Jewish faith in Limerick. In response, the Chief Secretary for Ireland, Mr Wyndham, acknowledged that there had been instances of refusal to engage with individuals of Jewish persuasion in Limerick. He assured that the police had made every effort to protect the Jewish community from harassment and violence, leading to the initiation of legal proceedings against the perpetrators.

Mr Wyndham emphasized that despite the regrettable displays of hostility, the police were actively providing protection to the Jewish community in their lawful pursuits. He expressed his willingness to investigate any specific charges that were brought to his attention, underscoring the government’s commitment to addressing the issue.

In a separate query raised by Mr Joyce, the Member of Parliament for Limerick, regarding legislation to safeguard the public against usurers charging exorbitant interest rates and selling substandard goods, a response was not provided at that time.

The government’s acknowledgement of the deplorable hostility faced by the Jewish community in Limerick and their commitment to investigate and provide protection demonstrates an awareness of the issue and a determination to address it effectively. Efforts to ensure the safety and well-being of all citizens, regardless of their religious or ethnic background, are essential for fostering a tolerant and inclusive society.

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Friday 15 April 1904

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