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Jewish Community Responds to Accusations in Limerick |

Jewish Community Responds to Accusations in Limerick

Dear Editor,

I would like to bring to your attention the resolutions passed by the Limerick Hebrew Congregation during a general meeting held on April 25th, 1904. It is my hope that you will kindly allocate space in your esteemed journal to publish the following statements:

  1. We, the Limerick Hebrew Congregation, categorically reject the accusation that we are engaged in the sale of “tea” on a weekly instalment system. We vehemently deny any such practices taking place within our community in this city or county. To substantiate our position, we are enclosing a £5 cheque payable to the Right Worshipful Mayor of Limerick. The Mayor is at liberty to utilize this cheque for any charitable purpose, provided it can be proven that our denial is unfounded.
  2. We also wish to counter the circulation in the press claiming that Jews are charging exorbitant markups ranging from 80 to 100 per cent on their goods. We strongly refute this allegation. We are prepared to present invoices to any interested parties, revealing the actual cost of our goods, as well as our bookkeeping records that demonstrate the prices at which we sell them. We assure you that we adhere to fair profit margins that are customary among all tradesmen in the city of Limerick.
  3. It has come to our attention that certain publications have made absurd claims that leading businesses in Limerick refuse to extend credit to individuals of Jewish descent. We humbly state that this is a baseless and slanderous accusation that has no basis in reality. In fact, we can identify approximately 15 prominent traders within the Jewish community who enjoy credit arrangements with respected establishments such as Messrs Mcßirney & Co and others, without limitations on the amount involved.

We express our gratitude in advance for considering the publication of these resolutions.

Yours faithfully,
A.J.M. Blond
(Limerick Hebrew Congregation)

Limerick Echo – Tuesday 26 April 1904

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