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Limerick Industrial Association Thrives: Strong Support for Irish Goods |

Limerick Industrial Association Thrives: Strong Support for Irish Goods

We are pleased to report that the Limerick Industrial Association continues to thrive and make a significant impact. During Irish Ireland Week, the local shops in Limerick showcased an impressive array of Irish manufactured goods, garnering positive attention. Notably, the Irish Industrial Section stood out prominently during the local procession, further emphasizing the importance of promoting Irish industries.

The Committee of the Limerick Industrial Association expressed their satisfaction with the enthusiastic response from traders and manufacturers during Irish Ireland Week. In a recent meeting, they passed a resolution expressing gratitude and appreciation. The resolution acknowledged the traders of the city for their outstanding support in showcasing Irish goods during St. Patrick’s Week. The committee sincerely hoped that the public would reciprocate this support by purchasing these locally-made products. Furthermore, they extended their thanks to the manufacturers who contributed exhibits for the parade on St. Patrick’s Day.

This strong display of unity and support within the Limerick community highlights the significant role played by the Limerick Industrial Association. Their efforts in promoting Irish goods and fostering a sense of pride in local industries have been met with enthusiasm and cooperation. The association serves as a driving force in advancing economic growth and encouraging the purchase of Irish-made products.

Dublin Leader – Saturday 02 April 1904

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