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Poor Rate Collection Notice In Limerick County | Limerick Gazette Archives

Poor Rate Collection Notice In Limerick County

Limerick County, October 1903 – The Poor Rate Collectors in the administrative County of Limerick have been given clear instructions to diligently proceed with the collection of the outstanding Poor Rate. They are authorized to employ all legal means available to ensure its immediate recovery.

The aforementioned rate, which was due on October 1st, 1903, must be promptly remitted by all ratepayers who have not yet paid. This action is essential to avoid the initiation of legal proceedings. It is important for ratepayers to be aware that collectors will lose their entitlement to poundage fees if a significant portion of the warrant’s amount is not lodged on a monthly basis. Additionally, failure to lodge the full warrant amount by the end of the six-month periods ending in March and September may result in the collectors being suspended and losing their positions.

Ratepayers are therefore strongly advised to settle their outstanding Poor Rate without delay to avoid any complications. Your cooperation in this matter is greatly appreciated.

Robert Roche, County Secretary

Limerick Echo – Tuesday 05 April 1904