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Royal Family Receives Warm Welcome at Adare Manor, Limerick |

Royal Family Receives Warm Welcome at Adare Manor, Limerick

Yesterday, amidst great anticipation, the illustrious Duke and Duchess Connaught, accompanied by their enchanting daughters Princess Margaret and Patricia, graced the breathtaking Adare Manor in Limerick with their presence. Having travelled from Dublin, the esteemed family had accepted a gracious invitation extended by the distinguished KaTl and Countess Dunravon, who had arranged a gathering of esteemed guests to honour the royal visitors.

As the Duke and Duchess Comiaught and their entourage made their regal entrance into Adare Manor, a wave of excitement swept through the air. The local community, captivated by the allure of royalty, gathered to welcome them with heartfelt enthusiasm. Vibrant cheers and fluttering flags adorned the streets, painting a picturesque scene of warmth and jubilation.

Upon reaching the grandeur of Adare Manor, the Duke and Duchess Comiaught were embraced with open arms by the esteemed KaTl and Countess Dunravon. The hosts had thoughtfully curated a distinguished party, comprising notable figures from various walks of life, to greet the royal guests. The stage was set for an evening of refined elegance and conviviality.

The visit of the Duke and Duchess Comiaught, accompanied by their radiant daughters, to Adare Manor, was a testament to the enduring bond between nobility and the people. This momentous occasion will undoubtedly be etched in the annals of Adare Manor’s history, leaving behind cherished memories for all those fortunate enough to witness the royal visit.

Manchester Courier – Friday 01 April 1904

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