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Statement by a Limerick Draper Regarding Jewish Indebtedness |

Statement by a Limerick Draper Regarding Jewish Indebtedness

According to reports, it has been claimed that there is a significant amount of debt owed by the Jewish community in Limerick to local drapers, totalling several hundred pounds. This deferred payment of debts has been a matter of concern. The London Daily Express recently published a specific account of this “deferred indebtedness” after their special representative conducted an interview with one of the principals of a prominent drapery establishment in the city.

During the interview, the draper shared the accounts receivable from fourteen well-known members of the Jewish community, revealing a total outstanding debt of £858 19s 4d. In expressing his perspective, the draper remarked to the Express representative that the Jewish traders are dishonest and unwilling to fulfil their financial obligations.

Limerick Echo – Tuesday 26 April 1904

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