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Teenager Sentenced for Assaulting Chief Rabbi in Limerick |

Teenager Sentenced for Assaulting Chief Rabbi in Limerick

In a recent session at Limerick Petty Sessions, John Rahilly, a 15-year-old, was sentenced to one month in prison without the option of a fine for throwing a stone at Reverend Mr Levin, the Chief Rabbi of the Jewish community in Limerick. This incident occurred amidst a series of assaults on Jews in the city, with Mr Levin reporting at least 40 such attacks within the past two weeks. The Rabbi expressed concerns that his wages would not suffice to cover the costs of summonses and solicitors required for prosecution.

During the proceedings, Mr Hickson, present at the session, highlighted that the responsibility for the anti-Jewish campaign extended beyond the defendant, implicating others as well. The magistrates presiding over the case were determined to put an end to these continuous assaults targeting Jews. The severity of the punishment imposed on John Rahilly sends a strong message about the gravity of such acts and the commitment to ensuring the safety and well-being of the Jewish community in Limerick.

The sentencing of the teenager and the magistrates’ firm stance against these attacks demonstrate a concerted effort to address the issue of Jew-baiting and to promote a more inclusive and tolerant community environment. It is essential for authorities and society at large to condemn such acts of violence and discrimination, fostering an atmosphere of respect and harmony for all individuals, regardless of their religious or ethnic background.

Edinburgh Evening News – Saturday 16 April 1904

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