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Tenders Invited for Construction of New Carnegie Free Library and Museum in Limerick |

Tenders Invited for Construction of New Carnegie Free Library and Museum in Limerick

A call for tenders has been made in Limerick on the 11th of this month for the construction and completion of the new Carnegie free library and museum, on behalf of the trustees. Interested parties can review the plans and related documents at the Free Library in Limerick, as well as at the architect’s office located at 25 Suffolk Street, Dublin, under the supervision of G. P. Sheridan.

The project, generously funded by the Carnegie Foundation, represents an exciting development for the city of Limerick. The new library and museum aim to provide a valuable resource for the community, offering access to knowledge, information, and cultural artefacts. The trustees are seeking reliable and competent contractors to undertake the construction work and ensure the successful realization of this important facility.

Qualified individuals and companies are encouraged to thoroughly examine the plans and specifications provided. By carefully reviewing the project details, potential bidders can gain a comprehensive understanding of the requirements and submit accurate and competitive tenders for consideration.

The erection and completion of the Carnegie free library and Museum signify a significant step forward in enriching the cultural and educational landscape of Limerick. It is an exciting opportunity for construction professionals to contribute to the development of this prestigious institution.

Manchester Courier – Monday 04 April 1904

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