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Alleged Outrage Incident Involving Farmer in Bellaugh |

Alleged Outrage Incident Involving Farmer in Bellaugh

According to reports from our correspondent, a resident by the name of Jeremiah Mullage, who resides in Bellaugh, near Ashford, found himself at the center of an incident which is being described as an alleged outrage. This incident occurred on a Sunday morning at precisely 10:30, at a time when the family was attending their customary Mass. During this solemn moment, a group of individuals with their faces deliberately obscured, commonly referred to as “daylighters,” made an uninvited entrance into Mr Mullage’s residence.

It has been reported that one of these individuals was allegedly in possession of a firearm, specifically a revolver. Their intent, it is said, was to procure weapons, yet no such arms were found within the household. Consequently, the intruders departed the scene, leaving the situation unresolved. The local law enforcement authorities are presently engaged in an investigation to ascertain the details and motivations surrounding this unsettling occurrence.

Limerick Echo – Tuesday 17 May 1904

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