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British Brothers' League Backs Father Creagh's Efforts to Address Limerick Troubles |

British Brothers’ League Backs Father Creagh’s Efforts to Address Limerick Troubles

At the fortnightly meeting of the Executive Council of the British Brothers’ League, held at their headquarters on Old Cherry Tree in Kingsland Road, important discussions took place regarding the situation in Limerick. Under the leadership of President Mr A. C. Rodgers, the council members gathered to address the concerns raised by the Reverend Father Creagh in his recent letter.

During the meeting, the Secretary read out the correspondence, which included Father Creagh’s letter highlighting the adverse effects caused by aliens in Limerick. In passionate language, Father Creagh described how the poor were being robbed, once happy homes were plagued by unhappiness, and vice was being encouraged, all due to the influence of these aliens. The reverend gentleman expressed his fear that if only thirty or forty families could bring about such turmoil, the situation would worsen as these aliens gained more power. Father Creagh believed it was his duty to expose their usury and dishonesty, and his efforts were met with resounding enthusiasm from the attendees.

The council instructed the secretary to reply to Father Creagh’s letter, expressing their support in suitable terms. Additionally, they extended a heartfelt vote of thanks to Father Creagh for his noble work in combating the existing evils in Limerick. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, the council also made arrangements to endorse the Bill aimed at preventing the influx of undesirable aliens.

The meeting concluded with an adjournment until May 25th, and the council requested all future correspondence to be addressed to the Honorable Secretary at 7 Lydia Street, Stepney.

Eastern Post – Saturday 14 May 1904

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