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Carpenter's Society Advocates for Local Work on New Library Building |

Carpenter’s Society Advocates for Local Work on New Library Building

Limerick’s Free Library Committee held a crucial meeting yesterday, as members were approached by a delegation from the Carpenter’s Society urging them to prioritize local carpentry and joinery work for the construction of the new library. The Society argued that it would be highly unusual to outsource such work when neighbouring cities like Cork and Waterford retained similar projects within their own communities.

During the meeting, the Town Clerk presented minutes from a previous gathering, which included details of tenders received and correspondences exchanged between Mr Sheridan, the architect, and Mr Pile, the Dublin-based builder. Mr Sheridan explained that the considerable workshops and advanced machinery available in Dublin made it impractical to establish new facilities for such a relatively small project. Consequently, he proposed that the joinery work be carried out in Dublin, while the carpentry work could be performed in Limerick.

Mr Pile, in response, assured the committee that he intended to employ local labour to the fullest extent possible. However, he clarified that he could not be legally bound by a contract requiring exclusive reliance on local workers. This raised concerns among the trustees, who stressed the importance of safeguarding the interests of Limerick’s workingmen and ensuring maximum employment opportunities for the city’s skilled labour force.

One noteworthy point of discussion was the discrepancy in tender prices between Mr Pile and Mr George Ryan, a Limerick-based contractor. The variance amounted to £220, sparking further deliberation among the committee members. As a result, the matter was referred to the Trustees and Consultative Committee for continued discussion and a comprehensive resolution.

The outcome of this ongoing debate will play a crucial role in determining whether the new library construction project will embrace local craftsmanship, offering economic benefits and opportunities to the skilled workers of Limerick.

Limerick Echo – Tuesday 10 May 1904

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