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Civic Expenditure Sparks Debate at Limerick Corporation Meeting |

Civic Expenditure Sparks Debate at Limerick Corporation Meeting

In a lively discussion on fiscal affairs during Friday night’s meeting of the Limerick Corporation, the question of high rates took centre stage, capturing the attention of many citizens. Alderman Daly expressed his disagreement with a recent speech given by Mr John Dundon, the Corporation’s law adviser, on civic expenditure at the Chamber of Commerce. While the wisdom of Mr Dundon’s speech given the current circumstances is debatable, there is consensus that he has provided a valuable service to the citizens.

Mr Dundon, speaking as a ratepayer himself, outlined various measures to alleviate the burden of local taxation, estimated at €123.4 per £1 for the upcoming year. These proposals were previously presented by Mr Dundon in an official capacity before a select committee was assigned to investigate civic funding. His suggestions aimed to ease the strain on residents’ wallets, considering the peculiar state of affairs.

However, Alderman Daly vehemently criticized Mr Dundon’s recommendations, labelling them as high treason against the Corporation. Although Mr Dundon is indeed a salaried official of the Corporation, Alderman Daly argued that his loyalty should lie with the ratepayers who ultimately foot the bill. The ratepayers, as the true paymasters, deserve to be presented with viable solutions to navigate the fiscal challenges the city faces.

While the controversy swirls around Mr Dundon’s speech, it is important to recognize that he serves the citizens and their interests. The delicate nature of advocating for the greater good of the community cannot be undermined. It remains to be seen whether Mr Dundon’s proposals will gain traction and receive further consideration from the Corporation.

As the debate on civic expenditure continues, it is clear that finding a balance between serving the interests of the community and maintaining fiscal stability is a challenging task. The Corporation will need to carefully consider the proposals put forth by Mr Dundon and other stakeholders to ensure the best outcomes for Limerick and its residents.

Dublin Evening Telegraph – Saturday 11 June 1904

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