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Fire Breaks Out in Limerick, Promptly Contained by Fire Brigade |

Fire Breaks Out in Limerick, Promptly Contained by Fire Brigade

A significant fire erupted in the early hours of yesterday morning at Messrs. Kidd’s grocery establishment on George Street, Limerick. The blaze posed a serious threat not only to Cruise’s Royal Hotel located adjacent to the grocery store but also to a large block of buildings in the surrounding area.

The incident caused great alarm among tourists, members of the College of Science, and other guests staying at Cruise’s Royal Hotel, who were abruptly awakened from their sleep. In a rush, they evacuated the premises, swiftly removing bicycles, luggage, and other belongings.

Fortunately, the Limerick fire brigade acted promptly and effectively. They managed to confine the flames to the sweet factory and goods stores where the fire originated, preventing its spread to neighbouring structures.

Thanks to the swift response and efforts of the fire brigade, the potential danger to Cruise’s Royal Hotel and the surrounding buildings was successfully averted. While the fire caused damage to the sweet factory and goods stores, the situation was brought under control before further devastation could occur.

The incident serves as a reminder of the critical role played by fire services in safeguarding the community and protecting lives and property. The prompt action of the Limerick fire brigade helped minimize the impact of the fire and prevent more extensive damage to the area.

Morning Leader – Saturday 28 May 1904

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