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Former Limerick Bank Employee Arrested for Alleged Embezzlement |

Former Limerick Bank Employee Arrested for Alleged Embezzlement

Limerick, Ireland – In a shocking turn of events, John Sheehy, a former employee of the Limerick branch of a prominent financial institution, appeared in court today before Mr Hicksoc, R.M., facing charges of embezzlement. Sheehy, who had been arrested in America in recent weeks, was brought back to Ireland in the custody of Sergeant Murphy, R.L.C., to face the allegations.

During the proceedings, District Inspector O’Hara acted as the prosecutor, while Mr J. H. Moran, a solicitor, represented the defendant. Mr Patrick Keaveny, a representative of Lipton’s in Dublin, took the stand as a witness. He testified that, following instructions from his firm, he had travelled to Limerick and conducted an examination of the accounts between April 23rd and 26th.

It was revealed that during the examination, Sheehy was absent without notice, and neither he nor any of his associates were aware of his authorized absence. Mr Keaveny pointed out discrepancies in the cash and other books, identifying substantial irregularities. After thoroughly scrutinizing the accounts, he discovered a total deficiency of £191,111.84, as well as an additional stock shortage amounting to £100. Furthermore, there appeared to be another item of £6, the nature of which was not disclosed during the hearing.

Several witnesses who had paid checks to the bank testified to their concerns about transactions that had not been properly accounted for. As a result, the hearing was adjourned until the following Monday, with the defendant being remanded into custody.

The case against John Sheehy has left the local community stunned, as they come to terms with the alleged embezzlement that has shaken their trust in the banking system. The trial will resume next week, and the authorities are expected to further investigate the extent of the alleged fraud and determine the appropriate legal actions to be taken.

Dublin Evening Telegraph – Saturday 04 June 1904

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