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Limerick Feis Draws a Large Number of Entries for Competitions |

Limerick Feis Draws a Large Number of Entries for Competitions

Limerick, Ireland – The upcoming Thomond Feis in Limerick, scheduled for June 24th, 25th, and 26th, is generating excitement as the analysis of entries reveals a substantial turnout for the various competitions. The Feis, which celebrates the Irish language, literature, music, and dance, is set to be one of the largest events of its kind in the region.

A total of 27 classes, consisting of approximately 600 competitors, have registered for the Inter-School Competitions in Irish language and choral singing. In the Irish conversation category, 100 participants are expected to showcase their language skills. For recitation, storytelling, and speeches in Irish, there will be 70 entrants, while solo singing will feature 40 performers. The literary competitions, which include an original play in both Irish and English, essays on topics like Brian Boroihme, local abbeys and churches, and the cooperative movement, as well as collections of folklore and unpublished Irish songs, will involve 20 participants. Additionally, 18 classes, totalling 100 competitors, have entered the dancing competitions.

The competitions will be held at various venues, with singing and dancing events taking place at the Limerick Markets, while the Athenaeum and St. Munchin’s College will host other categories. Renowned figure Dr Douglas Hyde, a leading advocate for the Irish language, and Mr J. J. Doyle are among the esteemed judges who will assess the participants’ performances and determine the winners.

In conjunction with the Feis, the Limerick branch of the Gaelic League will stage performances of Dr Douglas Hyde’s plays, “An Cleamhnas” and “Pleusgadh na Bulgoide,” at the Athenaeum on Friday and Sunday, June 24th and 26th. This addition to the Feis program promises to offer attendees a cultural and artistic experience beyond the competitions.

To facilitate participation from all regions, special excursions will be organized with discounted fares, allowing visitors to travel to Limerick conveniently on the days of the Feis.

As the Thomond Feis approaches, anticipation is mounting for this vibrant celebration of Irish culture, with an impressive number of entries and a diverse range of competitions promising an engaging and memorable experience for participants and spectators alike.

Dublin Evening Telegraph – Saturday 11 June 1904

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