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Limerick's New Street: Opening Doors to Development | Limerick Gazette Archives

Limerick’s New Street: Opening Doors to Development

During a recent meeting at the Corporation, an important letter from Reverend J. M. Cregan, Adm of St. Michael’s, sheds light on a significant infrastructure development for Limerick. The letter, read out to the members of the Improvement Committee, outlined the creation of a new road between Vize’s Field and Edward Street, which promises to bring practical benefits to the district and the city as a whole.

Reverend Cregan highlighted that the new road would serve as the most direct route between the docks and the railway, offering great convenience to the workers, who would find it easier to commute to their jobs. The road traverses a large field, and Reverend Cregan expressed the intention to lease the land for building approximately 70 houses, with an average yearly rental price of £15. Such an endeavour would generate an annual income of over £200 for the Corporation.

However, there have been challenges in the process. Several sewerage pipes had to be laid along the road, resulting in a loss of several hundred pounds. Reverend Cregan clarified that he was not requesting the Corporation to take over the road but asked the Improvement Committee to consider installing around 40 yards of pipes to connect their existing pipes with the main sewer in the city. He empathized with the already burdensome taxes in the city and assured that his request aimed to relieve the city rates by generating a yearly income of £200 without adding to the tax burden. Additionally, the proposed development would create a new street that would prove invaluable to the city.

The benefits of the project were recognized by the committee, and Mr Peacocke estimated the cost of the pipe installation to be £110. Following a motion by Mr Guinane, seconded by Alderman M’Niece, it was decided to include an additional £110 in the estimate for the work.

The development of Limerick’s new street, connecting Vize’s Field and Edward Street, holds great promise for the city’s growth. By providing a direct route between key areas and facilitating future housing development, this infrastructure project aims to improve transportation, stimulate economic activity, and enhance the quality of life for residents. The Corporation’s support and investment in this endeavour showcase its commitment to progress and the betterment of the community.

Limerick Echo – Tuesday 07 June 1904