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Newcastle West Town Tenants' Association Advocates for Town Tenants' Rights |

Newcastle West Town Tenants’ Association Advocates for Town Tenants’ Rights

Under the chairmanship of Mr E.P. Harnett, the Newcastle West Town Tenants’ Association held a meeting to discuss their objectives and plans. The chairman announced that they had received a significant number of pamphlets titled “The Town Tenants’ Case, Stated by Councillor Briscoe.” As these pamphlets provided a clear explanation of the movement’s aims and objectives, the committee decided to distribute them freely in order to generate informed public support. With the land question showing signs of progress towards resolution, the chairman expressed his hope that the people of Irish towns, who had contributed significantly to the welfare of farmers, would unite in the association and work towards their own interests. He emphasized the national importance of addressing the conditions under which ground rents and urban properties were leased, stating that it was crucial for the preservation of their heritage that manufacturing be initiated and supported. However, he questioned how this could be achieved successfully under the current tenure system in towns. He called on those patriotic individuals working to revive national industries to also lend their support to the town tenants’ movement.

During the meeting, some members raised concerns about the Limerick County Council’s decision to impose excessively high election costs for the township of Newcastle West, despite the absence of any county rates involved in these elections. It was agreed that no immediate action would be taken regarding this and other local matters, pending a comprehensive investigation into the entire issue.

Limerick Echo – Tuesday 24 May 1904

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